Heuer Vices

The Bench Vice by Heuer is a tool of the highest quality. Manufactured entirely from drop forged steel, Heuer Vice guarantee durability and precision.

These vices are ideal for use with Boscotek Industrial workbenches. A variety of unrivalled innovative options and accessories offers users excellent flexibility and ensures an ideal solution for every application. Boscotek have 3 vice related products available. These include the standard bench vice with jaws from 120mm-180mm, the Heuer compact vice with its quick release mechanism and the vice box accessory for integration with Boscotek High Density cabinets with the collapsible vice swing vice option.

When even more flexibility is needed with your bench vice in your workshop consider the rotary table option. This robust accessory will allow 360° rotation on one level and firmly set to the required position.

Bench Vice by Heuer Key Features