We now boast one of the most technically advanced sheetmetal furniture manufacturing facilities in Australia.

Bosco Storage Solutions merged with Advance Metal Products in 2004 and was then purchased by Wilson & Gilkes in 2013. Combining extensive knowledge in the design and manufacture of storage products with state of the art, forward thinking and precision focused sheet metal manufacturing technologies.

Wilson & Gilkes have long been recognised as being at the forefront of sheet metal manufacturing in Australia. What this means, is that every Boscotek product is produced using highly efficient, precision engineering and manufacturing principles to guarantee a superior quality product and flawless operation every time.

As an accredited manufacturer, Boscotek processes are designed to ensure quality of the final product. Quality assurance is not just a final inspection of the product, but a strict set of standards, procedures and protocols that we implement at every stage throughout production.

For more information regarding the equipment and processes used to manufacture Boscotek products, visit the Wilson & Gilkes website.