Heuer Vice

Heuer Vice

The Heuer Vice is a tool of the highest quality. Manufactured entirely from steel, Heuer vice guarantee durability and precision. These vices are ideal for use with Boscotek industrial workbenches. A variety of options and accessories offer users excellent flexibility and ensure an ideal solution for every application.

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Zinc Spindle
Zinc spindle key with riveted safety rings made of steel.

Drop-forged front jaw.

Protected Spindle Bearing
Protected precision spindle bearing.

Hardened Clamping Jaws
Surface-hardened clamping jaws.

Guide Tracks
Slim but stable guide tracks (drop-forged) provide greater clamping depth.

Vice High Clamping Force
High, optimally distributed clamping force from the centrally located and well-protected spindle with double-action trapezoid thread allowing quick opening and closing.

Vice Pipe Gripping Jaws
Hardened pipe-gripping jaws as production standard.

Rear Jaws
Drop-forged rear jaw with specially-formed anvil.

Spindle Nut
Strong, forged spindle nut.

Guide Plates
Drop-forged guide plates.

Guide Adjustment
Guide adjustable by centrally located screw.

Dual Guide Track
Internal dual-prism guide track preventing fouling and damages. Large track surfaces fully machined to guarantee precision and long service life with replaceable jaws.

Replaceable Jaws
In order to meet all demands of the workshop HEUER™-Vices are available with replaceable clamping jaws. These surface-hardened jaws have one corrugated side and one plain side. They are adjustable and replaceable. The threads are located in the frontal jaws so that the valuable vice will not be rendered out of service by any damage to the clamping jaws.

Magnefix Protective Jaws
Magnefix-jaw blocks are available in Aluminium or Polyurethane base. The profile is right-angled and the faces are flat and parallel; ensuring that the high precision of the HEUER™-Vices are maintained. The integral special magnets hold the Magnefix jaw blocks securely on the vice. Despite extremely high magnetic force, the magnetism does not penetrate the clamping faces, so that neither the clamping force of the blocks is affected, nor a magnetising of the piece takes place.

Table Clamp
The HEUER-Table-Clamp is perfect for fastening the vice firmly to the working plate. With it, the vice without the necessity of boring holes- can be mounted and removed from the working plate rapidly and without damage. This frees up space on the work surfaces and avoids the time-consuming mounting and removal of the whole vice from the workbench.

Collapse, Lift, Rotate
Collapse, lift and rotate, three advantages in one unit. When not in use the vice can be folded beneath the workbench thus freeing the whole workspace for other work. The adjustability of the vice extends to approx. 175 mm in height and can be rotated 360 degrees. People of different sizes, items of different height, sizes and shapes requiring a variety of work, are effortlessly accommodated with the HEUER-Collapsible-Lift equipment.

Collapsible Vice
Collapse, fold and stow. The ideal complement for the bench-vice. The HEUER-Collapsible can be stowed under the workbench with ease creating extra space when not in use. The HEUER-Collapsible provides an especially ergonomic solution to clustered workspaces in the workshop. In its working position, the vice is fixed sturdily to the workbench and free of any vibration.

Rotary Table
Make working with the HEUER-Vice even more flexible. Thanks to the HEUER-Rotary-Table the vice can be rotated 360° on one level exactly in the position that you need for working on a given item. The robust setting with a small spindle key enables the rotary table and therefore the vice – to be precisely and firmly set to the required position.

Height Adjustment
The HEUER-Lift height adjustment for the HEUER-Vice is the perfect complement for an ergonomic workplace. No matter which differing body sizes, tool sizes and type of work to be carried out, HEUER-Lift units enable the perfect operating position to be adjusted effortlessly to the vice.

Heuer Vice Brochure (PDF)
Heuer Bench Vice Technical Data (PDF)
Heuer Height Adjustment (PDF)
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