The Boscotek product range is a result of a comprehensive environmental awareness campaign.

From inception through to delivery of final product, we are dedicated to the preservation of the environment. Responsible for our employees, the community and the environment in which we live, our manufacturing processes and procedures are modified to ensure minimum environmental impact. In addition, our in-house design and development team are committed to using environmentally sustainable components so that the only footprints Bosco Storage Solutions leave are ‘green’.

Bosco realises the urgency for products and procedures that have limited environmental impact. Over recent decades, polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) has become increasingly popular in industries such as our own. The manufacture, use and disposal of PVC poses substantial and unique environmental and human health hazards. In response to this, Bosco offers a non PVC alternative in our product range. High impact polystyrene (PS) is an environmentally friendly substance that can be recycled, incinerated or disposed of in landfill without detriment to the environment.

Bosco is also committed to the practice and use of recycled water. Our powder coating facility utilises water as part of its core processing, all of which we recycle. Our manufacturing premises also house large water tanks in which we store rainwater runoff to maintain our award winning gardens.

In addition to these procedures, we utilise recycled packaging, return timber skids to steel merchants and chemical drums to suppliers for re-use, recycle all scrap metal, install perforated strainers over storm water grates to avoid waterway contamination, make use of natural light to minimise power consumption, promote electronic communication to encourage paper-free offices, install air activated hand dryers to avoid paper waste and, in general, encourage a culture of environmental awareness within our staff on a regular basis.