Visual Tool Storage (VTS)

Boscotek products are renown for quality, increasing business productivity and space efficiency and it’s no secret the leaner and more efficient your workshop production is, the greater chances are of a more profitable business.

Successful industrial workshops in the automotive, defence and manufacturing industries are adopting a ‘5S’ approach to their production processes. Boscotek products are perfectly matched with this strategic way of operating which is why we have introduced our new VTS range of workshop storage products for lean manufacturing solutions.

Our Visual Tool Storage (VTS) range combines flexible tool and part storage with maximum visibility. This visibility is critical in a busy workshop; reducing excessive movement and time when employees try to locate and access tools. Also, the additional security benefit of knowing what tools are in use and what needs to be replaced is popular in high user turnovers. So start Reclaiming Your Workspace with our VTS range.

Visual Tool Storage (VTS) Range